About Us

“Crave Raja Foods” was born out of a random chai-sutta discussion in Bangalore happening between two college friends, Subhabrata Ganguly and Soupaul Dey, back in 2018 who were both working in the same company as Business Analysts. Both of them are extremely passionate about food and thought of scaling this to a business in a way which could supplement their average income jobs. Little did these two economists turned food entrepreneurs knew, that their endeavours would scale to an extent one day where they would be present across 4 metro cities with opportunities being ready for another 20 locations across India. Both Subhabrata and Soupaul have pursued their Bachelors and Masters in Applied Economics from the prestigious institution Presidency University, Kolkata. They both have corporate experience in start-ups and used to work in one of the top global banks before shifting their full-time focus to business. Headquartered in Kolkata, “Crave Raja Foods” aims to expand across India and South East Asia in the next two years. Currently, “Crave Raja Foods” is the parent company of 4 recognised brands – Gusto Pizza, Burrito Raja, SOS (Sandwiches, Omelettes and Snacks) and The Fry Raja. They are one of the key promoters of the multi-brand kitchen concept in India and their success has even paved way for an invitation to pitch for funding at the Shark Tank India (Season 2)! At “Crave Raja Foods”, we try to innovate and satisfy the ultimate cravings of people throughout the day. How about starting your day with an amazing Grilled Chicken sandwich along with a stuffed omelette that has mushroom cheese inside it? Or maybe a wholesome burrito with flavourful fillings of Spicy Paneer tikka or mutton keema to satisfy your lunch craving during gruesome office hours! How about a pizza party to celebrate your office promotion or your favourite IPL team’s victory? Or maybe some crispy and quirky fried chicken during midnight mood cravings! Since inception in 2020 during Covid-pandemic, both Subhabrata and Soupaul has scaled the business by 25x over the next 2 years using limited resources available. At a time when restaurants, cafes and kitchens were getting shut down throughout the nation due to fluctuations in business cycles, these two employed over 40 people in Kolkata and registered extremely healthy profits. Both the co-founders at “Crave Raja Foods” consider Rebel Foods as their primary inspiration and main competition. Someday, both of them wish to turn their venture into India’s largest crave-worthy food platform present across 500+ kitchens in India and globally!

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